Decluttering and Frugality for Freedom

Reviews from delighted customers


When minimizing began to take shape in my house, I felt myself being drawn, over and over, to go back to look at a closet, a cabinet, or a room that had just been transformed into something that "finally made good sense." Organized storage or placement of belongings was ENCOURAGING to look at (instead of something to which I DREADED even having to open the door). Soon, wanting to simplify my spaces (and life), by following the simple steps necessary, started to really grow on me once I settled into that mindset. A happy side effect is, the gradual change from shopping/shopping/shopping to saving/saving/saving! Why shop and buy more. when there's such peace of mind in not having to live with all "THAT STUFF!" Now, I look forward to putting the amount saved (by staying away from favorite retail options each month), into an accumulation in my favorite bank or in my favorite investment option, instead of having the items bought becoming an accumulation in my spaces -- hanging on my walls, cluttering my surfaces, and hidden in the trunk of my car!


Amity helped me wonderfully whenever I "hit the wall" in my decluttering/downsizing. If you feel overwhelmed like I did, give her a call!


I would like to say I have had the pleasure of reading Amity’s book on minimalism. It has changed my life forever. I didn’t realize what a packrat/hoarder I was until I read her book. Since reading her book I have done a major clean house renovation. I have decluttered my house and my wallet. Since I quit buying all those things I didn’t need I had enough money to pay off all my credit cards, I have an emergency fund for 6 months and I no longer live check-to-check. Once I realized how to be happy living as a minimalist, I now have a very clear picture of what’s important in life. I am not materialistic. I’m currently saving for retirement and plan on retiring early. Thank you, Amity, for opening my eyes! I could never repay you for that special gift you have given me that will last a lifetime.


We had a contract on our house in two days! Thanks for all your guidance as I feel like it certainly contributed to the house selling so quickly!


Knowing first hand the expertise, knowledge, productivity and sheer joy of knowing and working with Ms. Farr, it is my pleasure to recommend her and her “simplify life” creation to anyone in need of grounding in the areas of homemaking, financial, and/or personal intervention. Amity’s heart, mind, and soul are wrapped up in this wonderful entrepreneurial business of helping people feel better about themselves, their homes, and lives. She takes on problems and brings about excellence! She listens, not only with her astute and creative intellect, but with her heart, producing compassion and incredible results for her clients. She’s a winner, a Godly woman who is out and about doing His will, resulting in happiness for all concerned. Turn your home, your problems of any kind over to this woman and know you’ll be so happy you did!


Wouldn’t it be the most amazing gift ever if someone found THE ROOT CAUSE of your financial situation and the level of chaos that has settled into your home and personal life...and then gently, skillfully helped you pull that root out of the ground and replace it with one that produces beautiful fruits that bring you and the ones you love, joy? That’s what it’s like to meet with Amity! It’s not just spraying some toxic chemical on your plant’s leaves and then having the rain wash it away with no ultimate results. It’s a new plant all together! Prepare to be richly rewarded for taking a little time to explore the aspects of your life that are straining you with a very wise, gifted woman who can see through the confusion and brambles to the fertile soil that is useful to the Master!


Amity shared the philosophy of minimalism and ways it can save time and money and reduce stress. Many people asked questions and then stuck around after the presentation ended to talk to Amity and share ideas with each other. Several told me that they enjoyed the program. I, too, left inspired to minimize!

Delighted Customers, Continued...


I had such high anxiety about decluttering 8000 square feet! I didn’t know where to begin. I tried everything to avoid the necessary! I needed help! 

After reaching out to a real estate agent friend of mine, I asked her if she had anyone she knew that could help with organization and/or decluttering. Then came my God-send, Amity Farr, with Simple Fly Life! Not only did she help me to find a system for my madness, but also made it fun and alleviated a ton of stress. I would highly recommend her, and I’m so grateful our paths crossed! 


There I was, once again staring defeatedly at my stack of papers. I’ve never had a green thumb, but I can grow a paper pile! I reached out to Amity and she asked me how I felt when I looked at my stack. I had to think about that, but realized I felt overwhelmed and timid. I believed I would always be incapable of organizing/simplifying my files. Avoidance had the upper hand.

Amity helped me to approach the files with a 15 minute time limit. Now, with “one bite at a time” and accountability daily, I have begun to enjoy the freedom of having the upper hand! It is filtering into more and more aspects of my life for the good!

Amity is a Master Encourager and teaches in a way that is understandable and distinctly personal. She took the time to know me and found a way to help me break free! I highly recommend her and her book, Simple Fly Life: The Manual!


I start working from home today! I've brought home a boatload of stuff which will need organized. I am so grateful for your help in getting as much room cleared as there is so far, to help accommodate this influx. Also, for the boost in confidence that I can get this jumble sorted through and organized if I just keep plowing into it! Thank you so much!

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